Tailored to your unique situation and level of need we have four main types of service:


  1. Regular Scheduled Service

  2. Periodic Service (annual / Semi annual)

  3. Unscheduled Service (repairs, etc)

  4. Emergency Service


Our regular scheduled service plan includes weekly visits to your property.  This gives us the opportunity to inform you of any issues as they arise and to deal with the problem asap.  

Whether its getting a faulty light switch or a broken window screen fixed for you or having someone at your home when you can’t be there to receive a delivery, we’ll get it done.

We also help our clients with the annual seasonal maintenance which every house needs.  Chimney and gutters cleaned, house winterizing...the list goes on.  In addition to our highly competent managers and directors, we have a team of locally based, experienced tradesmen and professionals just a phone call away to address anything that may come up.  We leverage our client base with service providers to get the very best price for optional services such as tick spraying or delivery of firewood.


Below is a sample of just some of the services we can assist with:


  • Maid Service

  • Electrical work

  • Lawncare

  • Carpet / Furniture cleaning

  • Plumbing

  • Pool care & Maintenance

  • Sewage / Septic

  • Window Cleaning

  • Audio / Visual

  • Technology / Computers

  • General errands and concierge service