Why use NoFo Property Management?


If your second home is on the North Fork you’ve chosen wisely. NoFo PM is here to help you spend more of your time at your vacation home “vacationing”.  The average weekend stay for a second home owner is less than 48 hours. We’re here to see to it that you spend more of that time doing what you want to be doing and less time doing what you don’t.


We get it done - So you don't have to!


Homes need to be looked after. Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet, plowing the driveway, stocking the fridge or making sure there is a stack of firewood waiting for you when you arrive, our team treats your home like its our own.


Sometimes things happen and if they do we are right here…...

We understand that you want peace of mind...we want that for you too.  Whether it is responding to an alarm in the middle of the night or helping with storm preparations, this is an important part of our commitment to our clients. These services are billed separately and can vary depending on the nature of the emergency.




Take a look and see what some of our clients have to say about NoFo Property Management!



David J.


"Throughout the entire, snow filled winter, I had peace of mind knowing that my home was being looked after when I couldn’t be there."

Nick F.

Orient Village

"Our house is pretty new, but there is always something that needs doing. I email my list on Monday and by the time I’m back out on Friday, it’s all done. It’s the closest thing to a magic wand I could find!"


Justin & Carrie Blair

We’re from here….well….. sort of!  Since the 1970’s, Justin’s family has had a house here.  In 2007, after our first child was born, we realized that we wanted to raise our family on the North Fork rather than NYC.

We live here full time and we love it. We consider ourselves very lucky to be part of such a great community. Our kids go to school here and we take great pride in calling the North Fork  our home.

Both Carrie and Justin’s professional lives have been a wonderful compliment to NoFo PM. Justin has extensive experience in event and television production. Managing large scale projects requiring high levels of organization is one of his specialties. Justin is comfortable with tight deadlines and his super power is getting things “done right” under tight deadlines!

Before starting their family Carrie was a Director at an engineering headhunting firm in England.  She is well practiced in the art of getting the right person to do the right job.  She’s a people person and enjoys her current role in making her clients lives that bit easier.